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Tour the Babe Cave

Coming soon to the Wilmington, NC real estate market as For Sale By Owner: The Babe Cave!

After major system overhauls (HVAC, plumbing, etc) and meticulous attention to period-appropriate details, this 2,000 sq. foot historic home is ready for her next chapter. And her proud owner, ready for her's as well.

Most buyers are not patiently waiting for Open Houses on the weekend. Fair to say Zillow, and others have revolutionized home buying and selling.

Sellers, lets put down the iPhone. You are selling your biggest investment. Your real estate photos are not a Snap Chat. The dead give away is a glimpse of said iPhone holder reflecting in the bathroom mirror. Or maybe it's the lack of good lighting and even more importantly, a wide-angle lens.

I think the Babe Cave is a one-of-a-kind property and as her caretaker and as a paparazzi, I naturally took the real estate photos. What about the walk-through video?

This is typically handled one of two ways. The first involves the iPhone-wielding agent walking room to room, twisting the phone. The quality of that video does not correspond with "This house is worth top asking price."

The second option is completely out of budget for most of us. It involves light kits and fancy drones that fly from an epic roof shot, into your front door and swirl gracefully past your sink and toilets.

They're very captivating. And very expensive.

For those in-between and for those willing to get off their lazy (explitive) and be proactive about their own sale, we do it ourselves. It's easy though time consuming. Here's what I use and what will get your results:

1. Sony a6000 mirrorless digital camera, buy it HERE. These compact cameras take outstanding still photos and have a video function as well that records to an SD card.

3. A good editing system, like THIS. I use Adobe Premiere and I rent it through their membership program so I'm not responsible for updates. All editing systems seem overwhelming at first. Email me at with any questions or search YouTube where some great content creators have easy-to-follow videos to teach you the basics.

4. If you have a camera stabilizer, awesome. If not (and I don't) the Warp Stabilizer function in Premiere will set you straight. Just try to keep the camera close to your body and make smooth, even pans.

5. The right computer to handle video editing. I use a refurbished Macbook Pro with 16GB RAM like this one HERE.

Make sure to hold each shot for at least 10 seconds and re-shoot as needed. Any questions, just comment below!

Thanks for watching the Babe Cave tour. Any suggestions on how to make the video better are most welcome!

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