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"The media is calling..."

Most of the world is asleep when an otherwise routine call becomes the shot heard around the nation. Before any details are clear, a small town's name becomes a riotous chant. In bigger cities that riotous chant is already outside the Department's doors.

Every media outlet in town has called - twice.

These eruptions of chaos have every other agency wondering if they'll be next. Or when...

In this click-bait era of (mis)information, command staff and public information officers can easily feel overwhelmed. Officers train for crisis events not because they happen everyday, but because when they happen they have to be ready. They have to have a plan and they have to have the tools to make that plan work. 

Tactical communications, is no different.

Learn how to turn video clips into stories that showcase your department's achievements.

Shoot your own interviews, completely in-house.

Build a self-sufficient digital platform that reduces reliance on outside outlets while building a bridge of community trust from headquarters to your neighborhoods.

You don't need fancy equipment.

You don't need to be a tech wizard.

I can show you how.

Reclaim the Narrative

Set the highest standard in law enforcement communications and reputation management by partnering with an award-winning former TV news reporter.

End reliance on mainstream outlets by telling your own story.


Click the video: 

Pick Your Plan

Produce a short social media video or build a completely self-sufficient digital platform that brings all communications in-house.

Services from video production, digital media training to on-the-ground crisis reporting and communications are available.

Click the right arrow to see just a few of many options:



  • Showcase department achievements with full-service video production from concept creation to finished product. 

  • Customize videos to your audience: social media, press, grants, community meetings.

  • Attract the highest quality candidates with targeted recruitment videos.

  • Give the public a "Behind the Badge" look at their department with walk-through footage and interviews featuring officers and leadership.

  • Projects lengths can be less than one minute to a feature-length documentary. 

Put the Plan in Action

Every law enforcement agency, big or small is now one cell phone clip away from a riot.

Daily, weekly, monthly, half-year or year-long contracts at your location, anywhere in the U.S. are available and completely customizable to your agency's needs.

While your officers are out protecting and serving the public, trust that I will be protecting and servicing their excellence and the department's lasting legacy. 

"When writing your own story, never let anyone

else hold the pen,"

- unknown

"Pick up the damn pen.
AND...the camera,"
- Casey Roman

Thanks you! I'll be in touch within 24 hours.

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