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Review: Mattress-In-A-Box

Memories! One year ago my Walmart Mattress-In-A-Box arrived!

I appreciate when Facebook reminds me of my life major milestones. Like that time I bought a mattress from Walmart and it arrived in a plastic tube.

Skills: Decision-making.

During the renovation of the Babe Cave, a new mattress to raise me up from floor, blow-up bed and couch sleeping had the same importance of say, picking out a new kidney.

If I recall, when it was recommended I buy a mattress from exact response was, "You're an idiot."

My last mattress came from a showroom and cost $800 - considered to be a DEAL. I spent weeks (weeks!) driving store to store, awkwardly laying on uncovered mattresses. A salesman standing over me while I pretend-slept in positions that don't actually occur in nature.

These have coils and springs, pillow tops and adjustable firmness. You have to GO. You have to BE there and try every single one and after all that, you may still hate it in three weeks when you actually sleep on it.

Minus $1,000.

We do this because this is how we've always done it.


I know. I know. You're friend bought one of those "other" fancy "bed-in-a-boxes." You're friend now "hasn't slept this great in years."

They tell you all about it, repeatedly, on social media.

Their life is so much better than yours now that $900 bought them a trendy mattress with a cool name they can find new hashtags for.

Well I paid $250 for my Walmart mattress-in-a-box and it IS the best sleep I've ever had and I am PROUD to say I bought it from the same store that I buy ketchup from and a year later, it is STILL in great shape.

With one improvement made.

Read on.

I bought the bed online at HERE.

I figured even if I hated it at most I'm in the hole $250. Not $900.

I knew that with a 100% foam mattress I would not be using a box spring. Buy for thickness. I chose the 12" thick option and have zero regrets. I also weight about 115lbs so I probably could have gotten away with 8" or 10" but why not sleep on a cloud?

This is a mattress? The foam is vacuum sealed and rolled tight.

The mattress arrived in a few days and just as I was warned, came vacuum sealed in a big plastic tube.

Oh. The anticipation...

Carefully cutting the plastic off, a sound rippled out similar to what I imagine NASA hears when they open up the ship to take a moon stroll.


Peeling off her tubing, she was already getting bigger.

You see, they suck all the air out of the foam, compress it down to nothing and then send it to you. Can you imagine shipping a full mattress?

(LOL. Jokes on you...mail man.)

She's alive! Once cut the mattress begins to expand and take shape.

I am secure enough with myself to say that I poured a cup of tea, sat down on the floor and intently watched it unfold itself and expand.


So very tempting, but it takes a while for all the air to get back in and your big body is not helpful.