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Tiny Overlord

I rarely...RARELY...agree to take photos of people but my "Portraits for a Plug" initiative has been a worthy exchange on the road.

My friends give me driveway space and a plug. I give them beautiful family portraits.


On my last major stop before turning East to Wilmington I swing into Charlotte for a first appearance with a little guy who just couldn't wait to get here.

His mother is my hero.

She's a "take-no-bullshit" kind of business woman who, in her leisure time, swings from trapeze and does acrobatic work.

Her husband is a combination of Rocky and Einstein. He transforms "workout enthusiasts" into warriors.

Between all that they had time to make a human. A human who arrived exceptionally early and scared that hell out of just about everyone in doing so.

Together they lived NICU life but through a series of tiny miracles he went from too fragile to touch to the boob-demanding, nap-refusing little overlord he is today.

While I don't "do" portraits I still feel a lot of pressure taking photos of my friend's babies.

That little anklebiter is 100% of all the love, energy and attention they have to give in this world. I'm staring at the very best of both of them and somehow have to do that creation justice in their eyes.


Meet Maximus.


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